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Rate this 5 stars if your against killing animals!

Created: Nov 13, 2010 | Comments
Bella_Dawn 495

Rate 5 stars if you feel bad for those who died in 9/11

Created: Sep 11, 2011 | Comments
hungergames26 716

if you care about world hunger or starving children and abused animals then rate this 5 stars. per person who does i will donate 5 bucks to animal shelters and children in Haiti and Africa.

Created: Jan 3, 2011 | Comments
Renee101 473

My Lil 3 year old sis has seizers and doctors dont know why. So rate five stars so we could show the doctors how many people want to save my sister and find a cure.

Created: Jan 16, 2011 | Comments
Airy789 691


Created: Sep 24, 2011 | Comments
BriBearLovesYou 515

rate this 5 stars if you want to find a cure for cancer

Created: Dec 24, 2010 | Comments
1231998 570

i have real JB # if you do the poll and rate 5 stars, it will be yours

Created: Jul 19, 2010 | Comments
softballstar1998 178

My dog is dying and my other dog is blind!!!:( rate 5 stars to help!!!

Created: Apr 15, 2011 | Comments
gep79 410

We all pray 4 japan. if u feel bad for JApan and want 2 help then do this poll and rate 5 stars.

Created: Mar 27, 2011 | Comments
I-Believe-In-LOVE... 321


Created: Dec 24, 2010 | Comments
weloveyoujustinbe... 155

My grandma has Cancer and she is not doing well at all , she is in the hospital right now , so please rate 5 stars to show you care ! Thanx:)

Created: Apr 5, 2011 | Comments
nikifan1 564

rate 5 stars if u hate ur period

Created: May 7, 2011 | Comments
obsessedwithtaylo... 761

rate this five stars to help animal abuse ♥ them

Created: Jan 22, 2011 | Comments
sunsetfox0101 155

i have 15 tickets 2 see breaking dawn the first day it comes out 1st 15 to take this and rate 5 stars get the tickets do this by october 1st. hurry!!!

Created: Sep 7, 2010 | Comments
april111 389

i feel soooo sorry 4 the people in japan! in case u dont know what happend there was a terrible earthquake that caused a huge tsunami. over 3,000 were killed and over 6,000 people r still missing! rate 5 stars if u care!

Created: Mar 16, 2011 | Comments
doglover21 387


Created: Mar 25, 2011 | Comments
OnlyMeJayla33 751

My friend died from cancer a couple of days ago.Rate 5 stars if you believe that one day we’ll find a cure fo cancer.

Created: Feb 13, 2011 | Comments
FearlessSmile 904

I have miley cyrus, selena gomez jennette mcurrdys phone number whoever wants either of them pls rate 5 stars and comment saying which one u want

Created: Aug 29, 2010 | Comments
imluvable99 165

Rate this 5 stars if you want to find an end to cancer and all the bad things tht are happening in the world (homeless people, sick people, world hunger, oil spill, etc.)

Created: Dec 31, 2010 | Comments
Ver 397

i am tired of school! if you are too rate 5 starzzz….

Created: Oct 23, 2010 | Comments
rock_my_WoRld123 106
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